Discover the mysteries of the Mayan civilization!

Xunantunich is a Mayan archeological site situated near the border of Guatemala. In only two hours, you will have crossed all the country, from the East to the West. On the way to the site, you will see Belmopan, the capital of the country, and San Ignacio, the biggest city after Belize City. You will also perceive the famous “sleeping giant”. It is a mountain range that has the shape of a lengthened giant when you approach it.


Xunantunich is known since 1938. The site is famous for its frescoes of stucco on the main pyramid that still are in a good state of preservation. The highest temple of Xunantunich is called “El Castillo” and you can climb to its summit if you are willing to. It seems unfeasible when you face it from the bottom but you will arrive at the top rapidly without being aware of it! From above, you will have a stunning view of the border between Belize and Guatemala and its amazing scenery. Thanks to your guide you will learn more about the Mayan civilization, its lifestyle and its faiths.
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