Although it is no longer the capital of the country, Belize City remains the most populated urban area in Belize with a population of over 70,000 people. Much of Belize City is a sprawling residential zone, but the historic center near the coast is where you’ll find most of the top attractions, including several Belize City hotels. 

As all international flights land at the Philip Goldson Airport in Ladyville just north of Belize City, this area is heavily visited by tourists even if many only pass through on their way to other destinations. Belize City also has an airstrip, a busy bus terminal, and water docks, making it the transportation hub of the nation.

Some of the top attractions in Belize City include the Belize Museum, formerly the colonial-era prison, the Belize House of Culture, formerly the colonial governor’s mansion, the Baron Bliss Lighthouse, built at the direction of the country’s eccentric benefactor, the Belikin Brewery, and Traveller’s Rum Distillery, both of which offer tasting tours featuring their most popular beers and domestic rums.

If you’re looking for hotels near the Belize Airport, you should consider Black Orchid Resort. Located in the sleepy village of Burrell Boom just a 20-minute drive from Belize City and a 15-minute drive from the international airport, Black Orchid is an oasis of comfort and luxury. Unlike other more remote resorts, Black Orchid Resort is located at the end of a paved roadway, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Black Orchid is a Belize resort named after the country’s national flower and is situated on the banks of the pristine Old Belize River. Offering guests lovely rooms and suites, the resort has its own freshwater swimming pool, conference center, spa facility, and gourmet restaurant, making it the perfect base of operations for visiting Belize City as well as other nearby attractions like national parks, the beach, ancient Maya sites, and the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. 

Black Orchid Resort has everything you need to relax and enjoy your time in the country. The resort also offers several comprehensive all-inclusive Belize vacations options that include ground transportation, meals, lodging, and tours to all of the top attractions in the country, including lovely sunset cruises along the Old Belize River.

If you’re interested in visiting Belize City or want a great base of operations from which to explore all of the wonderful sights in Belize, choose Black Orchid Resort.