A quiet oasis on the banks of the Belize River, the village of Burrell Boom is located just 19 miles north of Belize City and three miles west of the Philip Goldson (formerly Northern) Highway. A small locality with lots of charm, Burrell Boom was founded more than 200 years ago, named for the heavy chains (called “booms”) that locals stretched across the river in order to collect mahogany logs that were harvested further upriver. Today, visitors can see original booms and other equipment used for logging in the Burrell Boom Park in the center of the village.

The village of Burrell Boom is located just a few miles from the Community Baboon Sanctuary. The village is home to the Black Orchid Resort, one of the most popular luxury resorts in the country. A tranquil setting on the placid river makes Burrell Boom an ideal location to enjoy canoeing, bird watching, and for spotting wildlife. Visitors can enjoy fruit grown right in the village as well as wines made from local harvests, including sweet berry and cashew wines.

Once a year, the quiet village becomes a center of excitement when the popular La Ruta Maya canoe race passes through on the way to Belize City. The last pit stop of the four-day race is in Burrell Boom where all racers must pull off for the night, making Burrell Boom a great place to watch the final leg of the race.

Despite being a tranquil village elegantly integrated in unspoiled nature, Burrell Boom is just a 15-minute drive from the international airport in Belize City, making the village an ideal place from which to explore the rest of the country. Burrell Boom is the best of both worlds – an unspoiled natural paradise that’s just a few miles from all of the top spots in Belize.

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