One of the premier attractions in the country, the Belize Zoo plays an important role in educating visitors and locals alike about the Belize’s rich natural heritage.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit the Belize Zoo:

1 – The Animals

The Zoo is unique in that it only houses indigenous animals. More than 100 species live at the zoo, including rare animals like jaguars and harpy eagles.

2 – Habitats

There are no concrete embankments or artificial habitats for the animals at the Zoo. As all the residents are native inhabitants, they live in natural surroundings at the Belize Zoo.

3 – Location

Located just outside of Belize City, the Belize Zoo is easy to get to no matter where you are.

4 – Family Friendly

Designed as an education center for the youth of Belize, the zoo is the perfect place to take the whole family. Kids will love seeing the animals, and there’s plenty to see and do even for bored youngsters. The Belize Zoo is also the first facility in the country that is accessible to individuals with mobility issues.

5 – Peccaries

A kind of wild pig, the peccaries are a popular attraction, partly due to their very distinct natural odor.

6 – Harpy Eagles

Difficult to see in the jungle, harpy eagles are the largest and most powerful species of eagle in the world.

7 – Boa Constrictors

The Belize Zoo is a hands-on environment, and one of the most interesting experiences is handling powerful boa constructors that use their muscles to stun prey.

8 – Jaguars

Belize is home to five big cat species, the most elusive of which is the jaguar. Once worshipped by the ancient Maya, the jaguars are some of the most famous inhabitants of the Belize Zoo.

9 – Charity

The Belize Zoo is a non-profit organization that survives on entrance fees and gifts sold in the shop. When you visit the Belize Zoo, you’re helping good people rescue abandoned and injured animals.

10 – Overnight Options

The Tropical Education Center (TEC) just a short drive from zoo (both the TEC and the Zoo are operated by the same organization) grounds has dorms, cabins, and pond houses available for overnight lodging. The price includes both dinner and breakfast as well as shuttle service to the zoo.

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