Although primarily famous for its gorgeous offshore islands and world-class snorkeling and diving, the mainland of Belize has plenty to offer adventure travelers. In a land blessed with misty mountains, sparkling waterfalls, pristine rivers, and lush jungle landscapes, Belize has a wide variety of adventure options suitable for families, honeymooners, and travelers of all ages. Two of the most exciting tours available in Belize are zip lining and the unique local sport of cave tubing.

Zip Lining and Cave Tubing in belize

Zip lining is an adventure that entails climbing high into the jungle canopy to reach a platform. From there, participants sail through the treetops along wires that are hundreds of feet in length, providing a unique bird’s eye view of the plants and wildlife that inhabit Belize’s jungles. Zip lining occurs in the jungle, so participants will take a short hike into the interior before arriving at the platform. Experienced tour guides will give a safety demonstration and then participants will strap in for a truly thrilling adventure.

Zip Lining and Cave Tubing in belize

Cave tubing is a uniquely Belizean experience that is found nowhere else. Perfectly pairing with zip lining, participants make their way to a nearby jungle river before climbing aboard a common rubber inner tube. Along with an experienced guide, participants will then gently float down the river as it enters a series of subterranean labyrinths, many of them several miles in length. The cave systems were sacred sites to the ancient Maya who believed that they served as a gateway to the underworld of the gods.

Few experiences can compare to cave tubing, which leaves many participants with a soaring sensation of being reborn. Floating down a river bathed in color and light from the jungle before entering the silent dark vastness of the caves is a transformative experience. The dim light reflected from flashlights and headlamps reveals glimpses of incredibly beautiful mineral formations, and participants can sometimes spot artifacts, tools, pottery, and even the bones of sacrificial victims left behind by the ancient Maya more than a millennia ago. Although cave tubing can be an intense experience, experienced guides and established safety procedures ensure that this activity is safe for participants of all ages.

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