It’s not too late to plan the best August vacation of your life. During August, Belize has loads of sunshine, amazing adventures, and incredible bargains.

Here are five amazing reasons to visit Belize in August.

1. Wonderful Weather

August is part of Belize’s “green season,” when you can expect balmy days and cooling showers. There’s always a fresh ocean breeze here. Escape the city heat and enjoy a real summer in Belize.

2. Smaller Crowds

Belize has become a top destination for travelers who want real adventures in an unspoiled setting. As Belize grows in popularity, some months are getting crowded. If you visit during peak season, you’re likely to find crowds when you’re sightseeing or snorkeling.

In August, things slow down. You can enjoy yourself without being surrounded by hundreds of chattering strangers.  And there is still plenty to do and see, and you’ll enjoy them at your own pace.

3. Everything’s Open

Some countries shut down during the late summer. In Belize, everything is still open.

Enjoy the most popular Belize outings like cave tubing, bird-watching and diving the Belize Barrier Reef. Discover the proud history of the Maya and meet the modern-day Maya who live in Belize today. Explore the amazing wildlife preserves and the Belize Zoo, which is a shelter for injured and orphaned wildlife.

4. Great Bargains

Many hotels, restaurants, and attractions offer great deals in August. Don’t worry about booking your vacation at the last minute. You can find deep discounts on everything from hotel stays to tour packages.

5. Low Airfares

If you’ve ever tried to book a Caribbean vacation in the winter, you know how expensive it can get. In August, you’ll be amazed at the great deals you can get.

Make It a Great Vacation at the Black Orchid Resort

One of the best places to stay for your August getaway is Black Orchid Resort. Located just 15 minutes from the Belize airport, Black Orchid offers free transportation to and from the airport in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles.

At this lush, tranquil oasis, you’ll find beautiful accommodations, incredible dining, amazing river views and the top vacation packages in Belize. It’s close to everything you want to do including jungle excursions, river rides, visits to Maya ruins, bird-watching and more. If you’re traveling in August, take advantage of the last-minute deals at the Black Orchid Resort.

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