Tikal Mayan Ruins

The ancient city of Tikal is a UNESCO World heritage site and an awesome combination of nature and archaeology.

Tikal was the capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya – and it shows in the magnificent architecture, broad causeways, proliferation of stelae (carved historical monuments). In its peak during the Classic Period Tikal was home to as many as 90,000 people and had developed an intricate water catchment and agricultural system. If I could visit only one ancient Maya city this would be it; the setting is beautiful, the architecture and scale amazing and the ambience just wonderful. Sitting atop one of the main temples surrounded by the immensity of the Peten’s rainforest and lake system, the tops of huge distant pyramids poking out of the dense misty forest, the birds, curious jungle animals and jungle sounds help you imagine what life must have been like in this rich, enigmatic civilization.

This adventure starts early from Black Orchid Resort where our driver / guide will escort you across the border and into Guatemala where our Guatemalan Tour Operator leads the way to Tikal National Park . On your tour you will learn about Maya civilization and history, the rulers of Tikal and the construction of the city, the mysterious downfall of the city, and information on the flora and fauna of the region. You will visit the Temple of the Jaguar, Great Plaza, Lost World and then scale Temple IV to look out over the jungle and the rest of the site. The tour will take most of the day and will include a break for lunch in the park.

Rate: $230.00 USD per person
Length: 12 Hrs – Entrance Fees, Lunch are included