Belize City Tours

Located just a short, 15-minute drive from the resort, the former national capital of Belize has a number of attractions ideal for a fun and educational day trip.

Some of the activities in Belize City include:

Traveller’s Rum Factory – Makers of Belize’s bestselling “One Barrel” rum, a tour of this factory includes talking with a rum expert about the process of how rum is made from local sugarcane and then a tasting of all of the company’s most popular products.

Belize Museum – Formerly a prison during the colonial era, the Belize Museum is a showcase of the rich history of the country. The Belize Museum includes exhibits on the ancient Maya, the British colonial era, and the various ethnic and cultural groups that make up modern Belize’s thriving melting pot society.

Belize City Tour – Although it may no longer be the capital, the old downtown of Belize City features many Victorian-era buildings and monuments. Belize City is also a great place to do some shopping.

Belikin Brewery – The number one brewery in Belize, Belikin makes a wide variety of delicious ales and lagers. The tour includes a tasting.

Belize Tours

Black Orchid Resort also offers guests the opportunity of exploring the sights and sounds of Belize City with their own friendly guide. The private guide is a local who will give participants an unforgettable tour, including hidden attractions far off the beaten path.

Private tours can also include explorations of nearby ancient Maya sites such as Altun HaLamanai, and Xunantunich where participants can witness the mighty “El Castillo” (The Castle) fortress, the second tallest man made structure in the country.

Other options can include riding an innertube down a subterranean river (known locally as “cave tubing”) to marvel at gigantic stalactites and ancient Maya sacred sites, zip lining through the rainforest, and visiting nature centers like the Belize Zoo or Community Baboon Sanctuary.

Book your unique Belize City tour today with the Black Orchid Resort. Be sure to ask your guide about customizing your tour to include all of the sights and activities that you want to experience.

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Discover the interesting history and experience the culture of Belize with various tours to Belize City and its many attractions.

Half Day Tour – Includes Traveller’s Rum Factory and Belize City Tour
Rate: $65.00 USD per person
Length: 4 Hrs – Lunch not included

Full Day Tour – Includes Traveller’s Rum Factory, Museum of Belize, Belize City Tour and Belikin Brewery if available
Rate: $100.00 USD per person
Length: 7 Hrs – Lunch included