Altun Ha Maya Ruins

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins

Spanning 25 square miles, Altun Ha is made up of two central plazas surrounded by towering temples that enclose the palm strewn land. Jade, jewelry, flints and skins are among the three hundred remnants.

Country’s most loved and well known Mayan city. Altun Ha one of Belize’s most excavated and restored locations making it a favorite for visitors wanting to experience a true sense of ancient Maya civilization from centuries past. Its largest temple has made its way onto the face of the national currency, and on to the bottles of the country’s leading beer, Belikin. Folks of all ages are sure to enjoy this Maya jewel in the jungle and you won’t regret adding Altun Ha to your list of “must do’s” while visiting Belize!

$80.00 USD per person (2 pax min)

Length: 3.5 Hrs – Lunch not included