Top Things to Do in Belize City

The colonial capital of Belize and still the largest municipality in the country, Belize City and its historic downtown area offer travelers a unique glimpse into the past. A vibrant, exciting city, there’s plenty of excitement to be found in this colorful outpost on the Caribbean.

Four Belize City Excursions You Must Add to Your Bucket List

The Museum of Belize

Top Things to See and Do in Belize City

Originally built by the British as a prison, today the complex is the custodian of the long and rich history of Belize. Starting with exhibits on the mighty Maya Empire that dominated the landscape for 3,000 years, the museum also contains displays on the blend of rich cultures that form modern day Belize.


Traveler’s Rum Factory

Best Things to See and Do in Belize City
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Belize is famous for its rum, and fans of adult beverages will enjoy a tour of the factory that makes the celebrated “One Barrel” rum. Enjoy a tasting of 23 different spirits while learning more about the history of and process of rum making.


Belize City Tour

Awesome Things to See and Do in Belize City

The tour encompasses all of Belize City’s most iconic buildings, including the famous Anglican cathedral where six kings were crowned, the lighthouse that Belize’s enigmatic benefactor designed, and a trip through historic neighborhoods graced with lovely Victorian era homes.


Belikin Brewery

Top Belize City Tours


The country’s sole domestic brewer, Belikin Beer is a national treasure that proudly displays the Maya temploe from Altun Ha on its label. Tour the brewery and see how Belize’s favorite brew is made, with plenty of time for tasting at the end.


Black Orchid Resort

top belize city hotel

Just 15 minutes by car from Belize City, the Black Orchid Resort in the village of Burrell Boom is an ideal place to stay for travelers interested in exploring historic Belize City and the surrounding attractions. Elegantly integrated into the natural environment, the Black Orchid Resort offers travelers modern conveniences with 16 rooms, 7 luxury suites, and two villas. An on-site swimming pool, gift shop, bar and gourmet restaurant allow travelers to relax on the banks of the pristine Belize River.

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