Belize is rapidly becoming one of the hottest destinations in Central America. It’s a country rich in natural resources that includes an expansive barrier reef, sandy white beaches, and vast tracts of unspoiled wilderness. Sun Country Airlines recognizes the appeal of Belize, and that’s why they’ve launched a new flight to Belize to better accommodate the needs of visitors from all throughout the United States.

Until recently, flights from the midwest to Belize have been scarce, but Sun Country Airlines’ newest nonstop flight is looking to change that. Their flights offer nonstop service from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Belize City, and it’s a bold move largely unprecedented in the United States. This constitutes the first nonstop flight from Minnesota and signifies the deepest that Sun Country Airlines have reached into the American midwest. Their hope is to take advantage of the increased appeal of Belize as a winter vacation spot for Americans, with flights running from December 22, 2018, to April 20, 2019. Flights will depart once a week with round trips scheduled every Saturday throughout the season.

Situated along the equator, Belize is an obvious destination for midwesterners looking to leave behind the harsh winters of the region. While Belize enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year, the traditional winter months are a prime period for vacationers due to the fact that it falls squarely in the middle of the country’s dry season. The privately-held Sun Country Airlines offers flights to over 50 destinations throughout the Americas, and they’ve earned a reputation for offering high-quality luxury services at reasonable rates.

Belize has been making aggressive measures to improve its tourism industry in the past few years, and tourism stakeholders are overjoyed by Sun Country’s initiative. The local tourism board welcomed the debut flight with welcoming arms. Last month, the first plane arrived at capacity, and they were greeted at the airport with gifts and a live performance by a local band. And while this may be the first seasonal flight of its kind, the tourism board is eager that it could presage more flights to come.

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