The Spa At Black Orchid Resort

Relaxing and escaping the stresses of life is a true pleasure at our brand new rooftop spa. Overlooking the nearby tree tops, you can unwind to as our expert staff provide a full range of natural spa services. In order to provide the very best in guest experiences, Black Orchid has hired the very best physical therapists and masseuses in the country.

Rooftop Breezes And Tropical Cocktails

Rooftop Breezes And Tropical Cocktails

Sunbathe and relax in our beautiful rooftop lounge area. Enjoy a rooftop mini pool as you sip on refreshing drinks while you wait for your spa appointment. When you enter the spa, you will be greeted by soft scents and a warm smile. Choose from a full range of professional treatments or combine them for the ultimate experience in pampering. Simply inform our friendly staff of your desires, and your wish will be their command.

In order to ensure the very best experience, be sure to book your spa reservation at least 24 hours in advance by contacting the front desk by phone or email.

Black Orchid Resort Spa Offerings: