Once upon a time, international travel meant recruiting a spouse, friend or companion to accompany you on your journey, but times have changed dramatically. In fact, solo travel makes you happier and healthier, say scientists providing data to Skyscanner.

They found that…

-Solo travel alleviates depression.
-You set your own itinerary, not someone else’s.
-You choose where to eat and when–which can boost your immune system.
-Meet more people when you travel alone.
-Traveling solo improves brain health because your mind is constantly stimulated.
-Your heart gets a great workout as you tour different spots.
-Even emotions enjoy a holiday when given time to reflect on life.

Convinced? You should be. Now, for the perfect place to reap these benefits: Belize, one of the friendliest, safest places a solo traveler can go, and in terms of your brain being stimulated, these are just a few of the experiences you can expect if you choose Belize District as your destination:

-Tour ATM, a mysterious Maya ceremonial cave that’s filled with wonders.
-Roam around Maya ruins like Lamanai, Altun Ha and Xunatunich.
-Book a snorkeling or scuba diving trip.
-Join other travelers on a boat trip on the old Belize River.
-Horseback ride through lush jungle trails.

There’s more, but you need a place to stay that gives you access to all of this and more: Black Orchid Resort, the award-winning Burrell Boom Village Resort that’s ideally-situated for your solo stay. Just 15 minutes from Belize’s International Airport, you can start applying sunscreen as your plane lands after a short flight from the U.S. and it will barely be dry by the time you check into your beautiful room.

This small, safe haven welcomes solo travelers with open arms and the resort has every amenity under the sun, from gourmet restaurant and well-stocked bar to a gift shop, conference center and pool. If you must touch bases with folks you left behind, access the high-speed wireless Internet system.

Of course, you probably won’t have time to chat too much because once you start making friends and seeing this area’s amazing environs, spending time on the phone won’t be terribly enticing. Besides, you won’t be the first solo traveler to realize how much you grow when traveling alone–especially when you have a safe place to stay like the Black Orchid.

Learn more about the eco-friendly Black Orchid Resort by visiting the website and plan to wander the rainforest that invites your exploration once you arrive. It’s the perfect place to reflect on your life, and isn’t that exactly why you wanted to get away in the first place?