Sustainability is a concept that businesses love to prescribe to, but the often ephemeral nature of what constitutes sustainability means that those promises don’t necessarily need much. Given the ecological challenges we face, that’s not going to be enough — and any business dedicated to sustainability understands that concrete goals that scale to their model are necessary for us to have a future. Black Orchid Resort is one of those businesses, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that Belize’s future is as bright as possible.

A Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

The arguably best model we have for developing sustainable policies for businesses and other organizations is created by the United Nations General Assembly, and this sustainable development goals model is designed to scale to the needs of businesses and nations of any size. Not all of the 17 goals established will need to be a point of concentration for every business, but living by these principles can support sustainability into perpetuity.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

The eighth sustainable development goal is to “promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”. It’s a sensible approach that suggests sharing in the wealth with the whole community, and Black Orchid maintains that value by employing locally and sourcing ingredients from nearby farmers — boosting local workers without having to rely on outsourcing.

Climate Action

The jungles and beaches of Belize are important to the continued sustainability of the eco-tourism industry, and that’s why Black Orchid has been efficient and conscientious in our environmental impact. Black Orchid Resort has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which ensures that we’re sourcing from ranches and farmers that employ responsible farming practices and maintain the rainforest and its endemic species for the sake of the next generation.

Life on Land and Under the Water

Belize is home to hundreds of birds and countless marine and land species, but many current industrial and commercial practices are putting their existence at risk. Black Orchid understands the severe impact our decisions can have on the other species that call Belize home. Safe practices regarding how we do business and the tour operators we partner with have earned us praise from the Belize Audubon Society.

While tourism was long seen as contrary to the safety of natural habitats, resorts like Black Orchid are demonstrating that tourism can be a way to encourage sustainability and even educate guests. We’re proud to have the opportunity to share our beautiful country with others in a healthy way.

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