Can jungles and forests be therapeutic, especially for people who spend way too much time in concrete jungles that can destroy one’s health and spirit?

The answer is yes, writes Pankaya Srinivasana, the society editor of Jungles and forests are so powerful, they are prescribed by “everyone from sleep medicine experts to psychiatrists,” notes Srinivasana. Reason enough to head for Belize where jungles are more prevalent than people and wilderness can cure what ails you.

1. Jungles are living, breathing treasure troves of oxygen-producing plants and trees, some of which are medicinal in nature, which is why plenty of visitors come to Belize in search of herbs, roots and natural pharmaceuticals that flourish in areas not exposed to toxic pesticides and herbicides.

2. Jungles are quiet—yet not so much! Walk into a Belize jungle and the first thing you may notice is the stillness that surrounds you. Once you’ve acclimated to that stillness, your senses will pick up the sounds and movements of creatures occupying trees and the jungle floor; a symphony of chirps, thrashings and exotic resonances.

3. Expect calm to overcome anxiety that remains in your body and mind once you’ve indulged in what the Japanese homeopathic medical calls “forest bathing.” Doctors write prescriptions for this experience every day of the week, but you don’t need a prescription to take the short plane ride to Belize and Black Orchid Resort, a property located in the middle of a jungle, so this ecosystem is all around you.

4. Do you suffer from illnesses pervading today’s stressed-out society? Time spent in your digs at this restorative resort could boost your immune system, increase your energy levels, improve your mood, mend broken sleep patterns and if you’re recovering from an illness, your recovery can be accelerated by being in the midst of nature, say Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs experts.

5. Choose from Black Orchid’s nature tours to immerse yourself in Belize wonders. Since the resort is the ultimate eco-tourism destination, these options are all available to you:

-Hike the jungle while searching for Belize’s enormous roster of birds populating the nation
-Canoe or sail a boat down the Old Belize River at a lazy pace
-Swim jungle pools; see Rio on Pools and dramatic waterfalls that hide within green havens
-Explore the rich heritage of Belize’s Maya people by visiting ruins like Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)
-Float into deep caves once used by the Maya for religious rituals via inner tube.

6. Unplug yourself! Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Dr. Nimisha Kumar says, “There is a Nature deficit in the urban world…sensory overload in big cities with its harsh sights and sounds creates a jam in the brain and leads to panic attacks, meltdowns and imbalance. We have to get away from the ringing phones, honking cars and shouting people.” That said, if you must make contact with that world, Black Orchid’s Wi-fi connection and conference center are always available to you.

7. Get pampered during your stay at Black Orchid. Everything about this resort is founded on healing, rest and relaxation, so while you’re absorbing jungle vibes, treat yourself to a massage at the spa, enjoy gourmet meals, the resort’s bar, gift shop, swimming pool and bicycles you can use to visit Burrell Boom Village during your stay.

Convinced? You should be. It’s a jungle out there. It’s time to find out what you’ve been missing by spending all of your time in the concrete jungle that won’t do a thing for your mental or physical wellbeing.