Even if you’ve never visited California, it’s impossible to avoid hearing about Los Angeles, the state’s most outrageous city when it comes to celebrities, movies and outlandish happenings. So, when the city’s award-winning newspaper, “The Los Angeles Times,” named Belize the place visit in 2019, that got our attention.

After all, Los Angeles is no stranger to beautiful scenery, great weather and exciting attractions. And the glowing article recommending Belize followed on the heels other reviews appearing in all the right places: “Conde Nast,” “Lonely Planet” and “National Geographic.”

In other words, Belize is hot, and that fact has nothing to do with perfect year-round temperatures.

Citing Belize’s virtues within the Times travel review—proximity to Mexico’s Yucatán state, glorious beaches and opportunities to snorkel, dive, swim and kayak Belize’s reef system–even blasé Los Angelinos were impressed when they opened their newspaper’s travel section to learn about Belize’s wonders.

Focusing on popular locations and beaches plus luxurious resorts built to accommodate nearly half a million overnight guests in 2018 alone, the reporter writing the Belize article wasn’t given much room to tell readers how one nation manages to offer visitors so much excitement, which is why we’re filling in the blanks.

A great place to start is by profiling an atypical destination beloved by tourists eager to see and do everything within a small geographic area so they don’t waste half of their vacation time on the road. Burrell Boom is a charming village that’s only a 15-minute drive from Belize’s international airport.

Where to stay in Belize City
That drive may be short, but visitors swear they’re relaxed by the time they reach Burrell Boom’s favorite place to hunker down and enjoy a mix of rest, nature and adventure: Black Orchid Resort. 

Located along the meandering banks of the Old Belize River, Black Orchid Resort has earned a reputation for gorgeous accommodations, luxe amenities and international cuisine. The freshwater swimming pool awaits when guests need a dip, but it’s the local attractions that will compel you to get out and discover the true Belize.

From animal sanctuaries and national parks representing 50-percent of the nation’s land mass to the world’s second longest off-shore barrier reef, the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites belies Belize’s small size. But it won’t feel small when you roam ancient Mayan ruins, jungles, caves and rainforests.

Headquarter at Black Orchid and find out why this resort has amassed a fan club of vacationers who wouldn’t think of going elsewhere for the ultimate vacation.

Make your reservation between Jan 13-15,2019 and receive a free boat tour on the Belize River and a room upgrade with a special breakfast.


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