Just two years ago, getting to Belize from Canada was a lengthy and expensive process involving multiple layovers. Today, however, it is easier and more affordable than ever for Canadians to enjoy an amazing vacation in Belize.

In October 2016, low-cost carrier WestJet began flying to Belize from its hub in Toronto, making it the first Canadian carrier to fly non-stop to Belize. Following the success of its initial flight, WestJet has been adding more routes. Indeed, WestJet just announced that it will be adding two new flights per week during the upcoming 2018/19 winter season. WestJet will be flying to Belize five times a week from Calgary or Toronto during the 2018/19 season.

Not to be outdone, Air Canada has also begun flying to Belize. Starting in 2017, Air Canada began flying non-stop to Belize from its hub in Toronto. For the upcoming 2018/19 winter season, Air Canada will be offering four flights a week to Belize from Toronto. Combined, this gives Canadians nine flights per week from Calgary or Toronto to choose from when visiting Belize.

Canadians also have a wide range of options for getting to Belize from major cities across the United States. American Airlines, Southwest, Delta, and United all fly non-stop to Belize. American Airlines also operates a flight from London, Britain to Belize that has a stopover in Miami.

And for Canadians enjoying travels in Latin America, there are also a number of new options for getting to Belize more easily. Aeromexico, Mexico’s flag carrier, has just announced that it will be flying to Belize for the first time. Beginning on November 17, 2018, Aeromexico will be flying twice a week to Belize from its hub in Mexico City. And COPA Airlines, the flag carrier of Panama, has just announced a new interline agreement with Belize’s own Tropic Air that allows COPA passengers to buy one ticket and not have to re-check their luggage for onward journeys in Belize. Other airlines also offer service to Belize from Flores, Guatemala, Guatemala City, Merida, Mexico, Cancun, Mexico, San Salvador, El Salvador, Panama City, Panama, and the island of Roatan in Honduras.

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