If you’ve been looking for an affordable yet exotic destination wedding, then look no further than Belize. Located just a short flight away from the United States and Canada, Belize is a tropical wonderland with hundreds of miles of beaches and one of the most biologically diverse landscapes on the planet.

Here are a few reasons why Belize is a great place to get married:

1 – English 

Belize is located on the western edge of the Caribbean in Central America, and its official language is English. This means that you’ll never need to worry about talking to locals, filling out forms, or getting around.

2 – Simple Paperwork Requirements 

To get married in Belize, all you need to do is be present in the country three days before the ceremony and be eligible to get married. That’s it! You don’t have to worry about blood tests or frustrating red tape. Just enjoy three days exploring the country and then you can tie the knot in paradise. And once you’re married, your wedding certificate will be in English and recognized in your home country.

3 – Perfect Settings 

Whether your ideal wedding is a barefoot ceremony on the beach or a more mystical event on the grounds of an ancient Maya temple, there is no shortage of great wedding settings in Belize. You can also get married on an uninhabited island, aboard a sailing boat, or even do a “bubbly” and get married underwater in full scuba gear.

4 – A Wedding for Every Budget 

Whether you want to go in for a splashy affair with lots of guests or a quiet elopement, everyone can enjoy an unforgettable wedding in Belize.

5 – Amazing Honeymoons 

After tying the knot, why not stay a few more days in Belize for your honeymoon? You can enjoy activities ranging from snorkeling and scuba diving on the reef to horseback riding and birdwatching on the mainland.

If you’d like to get married in Belize, one of the best places to do so is at Black Orchid Resort. Located just a 15-minute drive from the international airport, Black Orchid is a luxury resort situated on the banks of the Old Belize River in the idyllic village of Burrell Boom.

Black Orchid has a professional staff of wedding planners and can provide everything you need for your special day, including assistance with the paperwork, the officiant, the cake, flowers, food, and video and photography services.