If you are not ready to give up the warm, sunny days of summer, it might be time to visit the tropical paradise of Belize. The country’s natural beauty, its luscious green mountains, sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes, are only some of its treasures, and fall is the perfect time to go. You can avoid the crowds, save money on travel, and mingle with the natives at local celebrations during the country’s slow tourism season.

  1. Great Weather

Fall is the green season in Belize, the perfect time to get a taste of the country’s tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. Rain showers are more frequent, but they usually come in the early mornings and evenings, and then the sun pops back out again. It’s good to be prepared with rain gear and bug spray for brief interruptions of your daily activities and tours..

  1. Local Flair

The summer travelers have gone, and it’s time for the fall celebrations and patriotic holidays to begin. Belize celebrates its own holidays with festivals and parades across the country, but the English-speaking country also gets in on the fun with American-style revelry at Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Belize fall vacations all inclusive

3. Gourmet Food

Restaurants and roadside markets are overflowing with the fresh offerings of the green months, but it’s also time for shrimp and lobster. Whether you prefer Spanish-influenced dishes like rice and beans or the best seafood, Belize is a gourmet’s delight.

4. Beauty and History

From the coral reefs to the ancient Maya ruins, the countryside is teeming with exotic jungles, beautiful blue waters and archaeological evidence of the past. Belize City, the country’s old capital, offers an international airport and a harbor for cruise ships.

5. Savings on Travel

hy you should visit Belize this fall

Fall is the slow season, and you can save on everything from airline tickets to hotel rooms. Travel companies offer packages at a discount, it’s easy to get a seat in the best dining spots, and visitors get a close-up view of the sights.

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