If you and your family are planning on taking a vacation together this year, you may have been searching for a place to go. Well, look no further. Belize is the perfect destination for a family vacation. Aside from the abundant sunshine, this stunning Central American nation also offers a wide variety of interesting activities to enjoy as a family.

For families who want to get in touch with the culture and history of Belize, a trip to some ancient Maya ruins is to be highly recommended. Though there are plenty to choose from, Xunantunich and Altun Ha are always particularly popular with travelers. Of course, no matter which ruins you pick, you and your family will be getting a window into the lives of the Maya people who once ruled the region.

Of course, if your family would prefer to spend some time exploring Belize’s beautiful, blue waters, you should make a point of going on a tour to the Belize Barrier Reef. Located around 300 meters offshore, this coral reef is the second longest in the world and is home to a whopping 500 different varieties of fish – making it the perfect place for your family to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

To learn even more about the animals of Belize and the surrounding region, your family can go to the Belize Zoo. This animal oasis is set on 29 acres of tropical savanna and is home to more than 125 native Belizean animals – including tapirs, black howler monkeys, and king vultures.

For families who just want to escape into nature for a little while, a trip to St. Herman’s Blue Hole is an excellent choice. There, you and your group will be able to relax in the sapphire waters or even take a hike through one of the area’s many nature trails – complete with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

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