Would you pick the guy on the street holding a sign reading “Best travel guide ever” over someone sitting in an office with years of expertise to show you around Belize? We know the answer. You do, too!

When National Geographic journalist Robert Reid wrote his article, “Why we Need Travel Experts,” his thesis was compelling. He talked about the travails of landing in a foreign land with nothing more than a guide book and a couple of apps—and the direction your visit can take if you try to see a country on your own.

Travel experts do more than just show tourists around. They keep them away from areas best avoided, know where to find the best food and when it comes to getting tourists to compelling attractions, the time and money saved aren’t the only benefits that visitors enjoy. Travel experts turn visits into dream vacations, especially in Belize.

Belize's Black Orchid Resort Offers Dramatic Rate Reductions to Fall Travelers

Yes, you can have it all

To supercharge your Belize vacation, stay at a posh resort with an onsite tour desk so you needn’t go elsewhere to flesh out your in-country plans. Black Orchid Resort is the ideal property because not only is it luxurious but the resort’s in-house resource, Belize ‘R Us tours, offers access to a wonderland of diversity.

Having designed eclectic itineraries that target people from all walks of life, Belize ‘R Us Tours leave no visitors behind! They cater to solo travelers, couples, families, honeymooners, divers and nature lovers. From bird watching to scaling waterfalls and from zip lining to horseback riding, find something for everyone in your travel party.

Trek through jungles, relax on lush beaches, snorkel or dive the Belize Barrier Reef, explore rain forests and see for yourself why National Geographic, the Belize Audubon Society and other entities recommend Belize ‘R Us and Black Orchid Resort for the best of the best in natural diversity and eco-adventure.

Return from every adventure invigorated and inspired

One of the best ways to enjoy the perfect vacation is by selecting a Black Orchid Resort package that includes Belize ‘R Us tours. Pick adventures that intrigue and interest you that include a romantic honeymoon experience, Belize/Guatemala Maya history tour, “best friends” getaway option or a Jungle and Sea package. There’s more, so check out our menu to see which ones intrigue you most.

Of course, your idea of the perfect tour may not be on the list, so allow Black Orchid and Belize ‘R Us tour guides and staff help customize an itinerary just for you and your travel companions so everyone can say that they got to do exactly what they hoped to do.

belize wellness vacations

Stress-free and unforgettable

Paired with your stay at this posh resort where a gourmet eatery and relaxing spa experiences that include a Jacuzzi and massages can make leaving the property–even for exciting tours–difficult. But remember that your digs and these amenities await your return every day throughout your stay.

See how it feels to be treated like a celebrity. Everything about this luxurious resort, its environs and the adventures you enjoy thanks to tour experts will leave you concluding, “How lucky are we to have found the perfect place and the perfect local travel expert to make our time in Belize unforgettable?”