In Belize, black howler monkeys are known as “baboons,” which explains why the Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) in northeastern Belize is one of the world’s most successful black howler monkey conservation programs.

Here are five reasons why you should definitely visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary on your Belize Vacation:

To Learn More About the Planet’s Loudest Animals

Black howler monkeys are the loudest land animal in the world, and their calls and hoots are easily audible from up to three miles away. Clocking in at more than 128 decibels, a black howler monkey’s cry is louder than a rock concert.

To Help the Environment

The Community Baboon Sanctuary has been recognized by international environmental organizations for its outstanding achievements in not only protected the endangered black howler monkey but helping increase in number. Today, the CBS has one of the largest troops of black howler monkeys found anywhere in the world.

To Help the Local Community

The CBS isn’t some safari park where all humans leave by nightfall and the animals roam freely behind fences and gates. The CBS is a grassroots conservation operation that is operated by locals who live in six different villages inside the CBS.

At the Community Baboon Sanctuary, the local villagers earn a sustainable income from the tourism industry while simultaneously working to protect the local community of black howler monkeys.

It’s a Great Way to Learn About Nature

Black howler monkeys are great for both kids and adults alike because their wild cries and distinct faces help inspire a greater appreciation for nature. Black howler monkeys primarily eat leaves and fruit, using their tail as a fifth limb to easily climb around in the trees of the Belizean jungle.

It’s a Great Introduction to the Rest of Belize

The CBS is home to much more than just monkeys. The area is teeming with wildlife, including birds, crocodiles, and a wide variety of amazing animals. The CBS has several hiking trails that are open to the public, making the CBS a great place to explore the lush natural beauty of Belize.

Black Orchid Resort is located in the village of Burrell Boom, just a short distance from the Community Baboon Sanctuary. The Resort organizes tours to the CBS as well as other popular activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling on the reef, exploring ancient Maya ruins, and much more.