Christmas in Belize – What You Need to Know

With lovely warm weather, gorgeous Caribbean islands, and plenty of authentic holiday cheer, Belize is simply a great place to spend a Christmas vacation. There’s always plenty of activities to enjoy like clambering around ancient Maya ruins, scuba diving the kaleidoscope of marine life at the Belize Barrier Reef, interacting with animals at the Belize Zoo, enjoying a relaxing spa treatment, taking a river cruise up the Belize River, or sailing through the jungle canopy on a zip line.

The 360,000 people of Belize truly love to celebrate the Christmas season with lots of old-fashioned cheer. Below are some of the unique events that occur in Belize during the holiday season that make a Christmas in this gem of a country so special:

Christmas Bram

In villages like Gales Point, the Creole people of Belize partake in what’s called “bram”, a local version of caroling. During the Bram, people wend their way through the streets, dancing and singing Brukdong music to spread Christmas cheer.

Jankunu Dance

In areas of the country with a strong Garifuna presence like the town of Dangriga and the village of Seine Beight, inhabitants dress up in special outfits on Christmas consisting of masks, ropes of shells tied to the knees, and flowing, long-sleeved shirts and pants to perform the popular Jankunu Dance.

Deer Dance

Not to be outdone, the local Maya people in areas like the village of Santa Cruz partake in an elaborate ritual dance known as the Deer Dance. Troupes of 24 dancers wear colorful costumes that feature 6 deer outfits, two dogs, one hunter, a man dressed as a young woman, a jaguar, a trickster, and 12 soldiers. As the Deer Dance unfolds, a story is revealed of a young woman who was kidnapped by a jaguar. The hunter then begins to pursue the jaguar while the two dogs chase the deer, all the while the joker pokes comical fun at the dancers.

Las Posadas

Catholics in Belize celebrate a nine-day festival beginning on December 16 to commemorate the procession of Joseph and Mary as they searched for lodging in Bethlehem. The statues of Joseph and Mary are carried out of local churches and an elaborate re-enactment of knocking on doors, prayers, and refreshments given to the weary travelers takes place for eight days and nights. On the ninth and final night, Christmas Day, the statues of Joseph and Mary are carried into the church where a nativity scene is then completed to herald the birth of Jesus.

A Perfect Christmas in Belize

Nowhere else in the world can you enjoy world-class resorts, beautifully pristine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and friendly bilingual locals who celebrate Christmas with an abundance of authentic holiday spirit.

The Black Orchid Resort, located just a 15-minute drive from the Belize City International Airport, is an ideal place to make the most of all of the great Christmas traditions in Belize.

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