Upon visiting Belize, you may quickly notice that one of the most popular drinks in the culture is rum. Sugar cane grows abundantly in Belize and is an important part of the economy. Rum is distilled from sugar cane and is thus a common drink in the country. Not only that, but rum also combines deliciously with the bounty of tropical fruit available in Belize. Belizean rum is famous throughout the surrounding region for its clean, smooth taste and exceptionally high quality. If you’re a fan of rum or cocktails, then you have to discover Belizean rum during your trip.

Belize has a number of rum manufacturers locally, but two, in particular, stand out. Cuello’s Distillery and Travellers Liquor. Cuello has been in existence for over 70 years and continues to be family-owned and operated. The distillery has roots in the heart of the sugar cane farms in Belize with a home base in Orange Walk. The founder of Cuello was Ignacio Cuello who was a master distiller. Cuello taught his sons the secret of his trade to continue the distillery today. Cuello has a number of rum products and their signature styles include:

– Caribbean Coconut Rum
– Caribbean White Rum
– Caribbean Gold Rum
– Caribbean Dark Rum
– Extra Strong Rum

Travellers Liquor was found by Omario Perdomo in 1953 and is the home of Belize’s most famous rum – One Barrel. Perdomo is a master blender, and his skill definitely shows in this simple and smooth gold rum. One Barrel is known for its unique tropical aroma and flavors of hibiscus, papaya and passionfruit. Travellers doesn’t just make rum either, they are well-known for making wine and liqueurs using local fruit. Travellers also only uses high-test, local molasses that is precisely fermented with traditional methods.

Travellers makes a wide range of rum and other products, but here are some of their most popular labels:

– Aged Dark Rum
– Classic White Rum
– Kuknat (coconut) Rum
– Cristal Parrot Lite Rum
– Don Omario Vintage Rum
– Classic Gold Rum

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