In case you don’t keep up with fashion and décor trends, you should know that the term “jungle chic” has become commonplace, describing clothing, makeup and room designs that feature the patterns, colors and splashes of nature that are the hallmark of actual jungles. But if being among vines, tree canopies, exotic plants and wildlife are more your style, here’s your chance to immerse yourself in Mother Nature’s backyard by vacationing in Belize and staying at Black Orchid Resort in Burrel Boom Village.

At Black Orchid, everything is jungle chic. Jungle colors, sounds and even the relaxing mood the resort inspires that can turn the most harried tourist into a bundle of tranquility, says Emily Holland, writing for the Chopra Center. Rustling trees, slight breezes and the aroma of perfume wafting through the air from flowers have the ability to relax mind and body. As a result, your mind sharpens, your creative soul kicks in, your stress melts away and your entire perspective on life can change. Now that’s a value-added vacation!

It’s a jungle outside and posh inside

Because the Black Orchid Resort’s location in Belize is so soothing, you might think the place is a series of rustic shacks that could easily have been built by Tarzan with fallen tree branches. You would be wrong, of course! That’s the point of jungle chic. You walk out of the jungle and into posh accommodations outfitted with every creature comfort: air conditioning, kitchens, modern bathrooms, cable TV and Wi-Fi connectivity. The contrast is amazing. But then, so is the Black Orchid.

Why Burrel Boom and Black Orchid?

Because you’ll have the time of your life there, whether you plan to visit as a honeymooner, family or adventure traveler. Warm, sunny weather and so much to do you’ll have to plan for downtime at the resort, visitors can’t get enough Belize River tours, visits to the Belize Zoo, ancient Mayan sites that beg to be explored and other surprises arranged by Black Orchid staff. Whatever your vacation style happens to be, you’ll find your fit.

See and do everything under the sun

Summer in Belize is an ideal time to become acquainted with your inner native because the crowds are gone, there’s lots of space on tours and attractions, you can grab as much alone time as you like when you swim, dive, snorkel, hang out with Mother Nature or wander into Burrel Boom Village. Around since the 18th Century, this former logging community is fun to visit.

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