Enjoy a behind the scene tour at night!

The Belize Zoo is only 30 minutes away from the Black Orchid by car. The Belize Zoo only welcomes animals native from Belize, so you will not see giraffes or lions etc. They all were wounded, abandoned or confiscated from owners who raised them illegally.

It is an exciting experience that I recommend; it will give you the opportunity to see animals by night, like you have never seen them before. Of course, you will not see all the animals of the zoo because some of them are sleeping. For instance, you will see owls, jaguars, puma, tapirs, howler monkeys, kinkajou and a lot of other animals native from Belize.


It is a really special atmosphere because you will have the impression to be in the middle of the jungle at night, with the sounds of all of the animals’ footsteps that we hear during the tour. But do not worry; you are absolutely safe! The atmosphere is much more impressive when howler monkeys start to howl. To give you an idea what it sounds, the shouts of these monkeys were recorded in order to make the roaring of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park!

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