Belize with Kids

Much more than just a honeymoon destination, Belize is increasingly popular as a family vacation destination. With the perfect mix of outdoor activities and fun educational tours suitable for all members of the family, Belize is just 2-5 hours’ flying time from the United States.

Here are 6 cool family friendly activities to do in Belize.

Community Baboon Sanctuary

In Belize, howler monkeys are known as “baboons,” hence the name of this amazing animal refuge. The Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) is a unique ecological project that involves six local villages which work together to protect and promote black howler monkey habitats. Today, the CBS has one of the largest howler monkey populations anywhere in the world.

Belize Zoo

Originally founded to care for orphaned and injured animals, the Belize Zoo is a hands-on educational center where children and adults can learn about the incredible diversity of wildlife found in the country. All of the animals at the Belize Zoo are indigenous species, including harpy eagles, crocodiles, tapirs, and jaguars.

Visit a Maya Site

One of the best ways to combine education and outdoor fun, touring an ancient lost city of the Maya is an experience like no other. Imagine climbing vast pyramids, marveling at strange, carved images on stone columns, or exploring ancient ball courts where the losing team had to pay with their lives. Some of the top Maya sites to visit with your family are Xunantunich, Altun Ha and Lamanai.

Go Cave Tubing

Belize All Inclusive

Invented in Belize, this is an outdoor experience like no other. Belize has a vast network of caves, many of which have rivers running through them. Cave tubing involves floating for miles underground on these rivers while aboard an inflatable inner tube. Many of these underground rivers still contain ancient Maya religious artifacts and objects.

Go Bird Watching or Hiking

The pristine nature in Belize is one of the country’s greatest attractions, and few experiences can compare to seeing such an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. It’s possible to see 100 different species of birds in a single morning, and the rainforests are alive with monkeys, fragrant orchids, and five different big cat species.

Go Fishing or Snorkeling

Belize is an angler’s paradise, with many fishermen coming to complete a coveted Grand Slam. The vast coral reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to a myriad of colorful aquatic life, making it the perfect place for snorkeling.

Black Orchid is a family-friendly jungle resort in Belize. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from the international airport, Black Orchid offers tours to all of the destinations listed above for families on vacation in Belize.