Picture yourself immersed in all-things natural as your mind and body recover from life’s chaos.

You don’t have to be familiar with “Vitality” magazine to know that wellness travel is one of the biggest phenomenons to hit the industry in decades. There’s no mystery behind the trend: living in a world where daily political-, economic- and lifestyle-related stress take a toll on bodies and minds, an antidote has appeared just when the international travel community needed it most: The wellness vacation. These getaways are sublime.

What is a wellness vacation?

For starters, it’s the way you take care of yourself in ways you may not have done while at home where electronics devices, demanding bosses and family dynamics can keep you in a perpetual tailspin. By discovering wellness travel you get to see the world while healing your soul, so what’s not to love?

But here’s the downside to taking a wellness vacation: Because this trend is so hot, hoteliers, resorts and other destinations catering to tourists can inflate the pricing on getaways, so ordinary people who are equally stressed and in need of restoration often find that they can’t afford to avail themselves of these retreats.

Until now. Select Belize and choose the Black Orchid Resort as your destination and you won’t believe how affordable a wellness vacation can be when you avail yourself of this opportunity to wind down and relax.

Black Orchid: Your ticket to renewal

Black Orchid Resort In Belize Earns Prestigious TripAdvisor’s 'Hall of Fame' Award

Located on the outskirts of Burrell Boom Village and just 15-minutes from Belize’s international airport, even getting to Black Orchid is a relaxing experience. You catch the free resort shuttle and before you know it, you’re standing in the midst of a modern-day Eden hidden within a rainforest on the banks of the Belize River.

Your accommodation pairs rustic design with luxury appointments that include cable TV and air-conditioning. Everything you need to wind down is onsite, including a restaurant serving local and international dishes where you dine either poolside or on the resort’s patio. Borrow a bicycle to get the lay of the land, and if you insist on calling the folks back home, high-speed, wireless Internet service is available.

The Black Orchid Spa: Heaven on Earth

It’s new and it’s breathtaking: the Black Orchid rooftop spa. Overlook a vast tropical world below you as you choose from services offered by Black Orchid’s meticulously-trained wellness staff—both physical therapists and masseuses–offering the services you crave. All it takes is 24-hours advance notice to book an appointment.

Select from the spa menu of massages, polishes and wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures. While waiting for your services, take a dip in the Jacuzzi, relax and tan on a lounge chair. Say yes to a tropical cocktail. Once your appointment time arrives, you’ll be pampered like a member of the royal family.

Take advantage of the current “new fall deal,” a special that won’t be around long, by booking a visit right now. Bring a friend. Opportunities like this come around infrequently and are not to be missed!