How do you best describe your travel style? Are you all about splurging because money is no object? Do you stay at home because this isn’t a priority for you? Or are you like most of today’s travelers: You want do see and do it all, but come home without having put yourself into debt?

Like the holiday gifts you receive on your birthday or at year’s end, it’s hard to resist a gift that’s beautifully wrapped and tied up with a bow and if you have already discovered travel packages, you know that getting all of your travel and time in-country costs bundled into one price is almost as good as gifts you get on special occasions. Sometimes, they’re even better for these 10 reasons:

1. You can have it “your way”! Remember when a fast food restaurant used that phrase to describe your ability to order exactly what you want? Apply that to travel packages to Belize and you’ll realize that you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter vacation. You can customize it when you pick the right resort.

2. The time you save when it comes to sorting out details is extraordinary. Packages are like restaurant menus: Pick your room grade, meals, adventures and transit choices and all of those hours you’ve spent making decisions in the past disappear in a puff of smoke.

3. Stretching a dollar has never been more possible. There’s value in selecting a package because resorts like Black Orchid are able to discount services because when they’re bundled, you save them time and effort.

4. You pre-pay everything, so you arrive ready to see the sites, eat your fill of resort food, drink up and unless you order extra services, you’ll leave Belize without seeing another bill. One journalist said that pre-paying a vacation equals peace of mind and whether this is your first package or 25th, you’ll agree.

5. You won’t come home and immediately book an appointment with a therapist because seeing to the details of your trip made you crazy. Packages de-stress travelers, so you can save your emotions for jaw-dropping sites like Mayan ruins, snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef and the sparkling skeleton residing within the ATM cave.

6. You always have recourse if something goes wrong. You’ve got all of the details included in your package written down, so whether a tour guide disappoints you or you realize that an activity isn’t for you, your host can step in and make changes effortlessly.

7. Your mom always told you that there is safety in numbers and that applies to booking a package at a resort like Black Orchid. Whether you’re relaxing at the resort or indulging in sports or cultural activities, travel packages increase your chances of safe travel because everyone taking care of you stays updated on potential dangers that may come along.

8. When people take care of their own travel arrangements, they’ve no idea what awaits. Lousy restaurants. Disappointing accommodations. Site visits that earn sub-par reviews. You already know where and what to expect when you book your package so the only surprises awaiting you are pleasant ones!

9. You can count on the locals to make an ordinary visit extraordinary. Everyone with whom you come into contact wants you to come back again, which is why Black Orchid employees are so friendly, welcoming and helpful. Does that mean that package bookers are treated like VIPs? Yup. It does!

10. Everything you experience during your time in Belize has been tested repeatedly to make sure nothing has fallen through the cracks you have no bad experiences! Staffers at Black Orchid and tour companies quality control everything from time-to-time so they can cull things from the package list that aren’t as close to perfect as possible.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Take a look at our Belize Vacation Packages. When can we expect you?