Just a short flight from the United States, Belize is an ideal place to enjoy your spring break.

Belize is a former British colony, which means that everyone speaks English. And its incredible landscape includes lush jungle, majestic waterfalls, misty mountains, and white sandy beaches are perfect for relaxing in the sun on your spring break vacation.

Here are just a few of the amazing things you can see and do in Belize:

Islands and the Beach

Did you know that Belize is home to more than 400 offshore islands? It’s true. The Belize Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the perfect place to enjoy fun activities like windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, sea kayaking, and stand-up paddling. Oh, and the beaches are amazing, too!

Cave Tubing

Belize in November
No trip to Belize is complete without enjoying some cave tubing. Thanks to Belize’s unique geography, a number of the caves in the country have rivers running through them. Cave tubing is when you use an inflatable inner tube or a small canoe to explore these incredible subterranean worlds, some of which were formerly used by ancient Maya priests to perform gruesome human sacrifices.

Maya Ruins

The ancient Maya once dominated Belize, building a series of impressive pyramids, palaces, and astronomical observatories. Abandoned more than 1,000 years ago, these long-lost sites are now open to the public, and few sights can compare to gazing out at the surrounding jungle from atop an ancient Maya pyramid.

The Jungle

Home to exotic wildlife like monkeys, jaguars, giant iguanas, parrots, and toucans, the jungles of Belize are teeming with birds, plants, and animals. Popular activities to enjoy in the jungle include hiking, waterfall rappelling, bird watching, horseback riding, and zip lining.

Black Orchid Resort

Belize All Inclusive

If you’re interested in coming to Belize for spring break, book your accommodations at the Black Orchid Resort. Just a 30-minute drive from the international airport, Black Orchid Resort is located in the lovely village of Burrell Boom on the banks of the Old Belize River.

With lovely suites and rooms overlooking the meandering river, an on-site gourmet restaurant, and a freshwater swimming pool, Black Orchid Resort is the perfect place for student groups, honeymooners, families, and adventure travelers.

The resort can also help you book a beach and jungle combination vacation or an adventure travel package so that you can enjoy an amazing spring break vacation in Belize.