Imagine your usual vacation in November, now imagine spending it in where you do something amazing every hour. One day you snorkel and scuba around a coral reef; the next, touring white sandy beaches, then spending a day in the jungle, canoeing in search of giant iguanas and zip-lining across the rainforest canopy.

After recovering from the majesty of Maya ruins, you spend another day just relaxing by the beach, the gentle crash of waves sending you off on your nap until its time to enjoy an open air bar and carouse for an hour or three. After a delicious Belizean meal, you go shopping and even learn about the Garifuna culture.

All of that is doable in Belize during November. Here are eight reasons why you should consider visiting then.

  1. Garifuna Settlement Day happens on November 19. It is a national holiday, highlighting the Garifuna peoples. Dance, drink and eat while learning about a people you may have never known.
  2. The Belize Barrier Reef is over 240 miles long and free to sail across, snorkel within, and scuba beneath.
  3. Plenty of inland Maya sites.  Burrell Boom is near the ancient Maya cities of Lamani and Altun Ha, two famous Maya sites in the region.
  4. Jungle exploration gives you a chance to find hundreds of tropical birds, canoeing, zip-lining and even seeing a nature preserve focused on jaguar conservation.
  5. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave is an amazing natural site filled with the preserved remains of Maya sacrifice, the works of holy men and “The Crystal Maiden.
  6. Flights are cheap and plentiful. Since Southwest now regularly flies non-stop to Belize, other airlines have cut their fares to complete.
  7. The Weather. In November, Belize’s temperatures never dip beneath 70°F nor spike above the low-80’s. This Goldilocks weather means that you will never have a spoiled day on your vacation.
  8. Dance X Belize is an annual dance extravaganza that happens in the last third of November. It is not only a chance to dance, but to experience cultural unity.

If even one of these reasons convinced you to come to Belize in November, you will need a place to stay. To that end, consider staying at Black Orchid Resort, the #1 hotel in the Belize District.