Why spend your honeymoon laying around on the beach like everyone else? Instead, take a trip into the jungles of Belize to enjoy a unique and memorable honeymoon trip. You might think that a jungle is a dark, scary place with many dangerous predators, but the jungles of Belize are beyond that.

The Beauty of Belize Jungles

Much of the jungle in Belize is unspoiled, so you’re greeted with a rich landscape filled with beautiful flowers, many species of colorful birds, talkative monkeys and tiny tree frogs. The jungle teems with biodiversity, and much of it is protected wild preserves. There are over 4,000 species of flowers in the jungle as well as 500 different species of birds. Other wildlife can be found as well, including tapirs, jaguars, ocelots and crocodiles to name a few. The wildlife is only part of it. The jungles are home to mysterious caves and the remains of Maya civilization. Many ruins have been unearthed in recent years and include massive cities and ceremonial caves. Over half of the territory in Belize is covered with jungles and rainforest.

Lamanai Mayan Site

Lamanai Mayan Ruins

One of the Maya ruin sites is the Lamanai ruins, which is in the Orange Walk District. It includes several large structures, including the High Temple, which gives you an amazing view of the jungle around it. Another temple called the Temple of the Jaguar Masks is still largely covered in dense jungle but would be taller than the High Temple if it was fully exposed.

Belize Honeymoon Packages at Black Orchid Resort

The Black Orchid Resort is located just outside of Belize City in a rainforest setting. It includes seven luxury suites, two villas and 16 rooms. It’s the perfect mixture of cozy and casual. The rainforest location is right near the Belize River, which gives you amazing views of the surrounding area. The Belize honeymoon package at the resort includes a number of great benefits, including four nights in the Riverview Room, a free welcome cocktail when you arrive, holistic spa treatment and a private champagne river cruise. The package also includes all meals. You have the choice of two half-day tours and one full-day tour. These tours include cave tubing, zip-lining, Lamanai Maya site exploration and more. Shuttles from the airport are available as well.

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