It’s a question you may have contemplated in the past but worried that “too much familiarity” during a group vacation could make everyone miserable. Why does this happen? No brainer. Travelers stay at the wrong place and then spend 24/7 joined at the hip. Too much group togetherness does not always make for a happy experience!

How can you be sure you don’t wind up in this situation? You need the right place to encamp and Black Orchid Resort located in Burrell Boom, Belize is an ideal location. Groups of every size and proclivity can be housed, fed and entertained at this beautiful resort and when it’s time to see the sites, staff can arrange everything.

Are there rules for vacationing successfully as a group? You bet—-and they apply to all groups, whether yours is a family reunion, girl’s vacay, church excursion, spring break or club outing.

1. Hold a pre-departure meeting so everyone says what he or she wants to do in Belize.
2. No martyrs! If half the crowd hates roaming Mayan ruins, split up so they can swim, shop or take a jungle tour.
3. Discuss money upfront. One of the most equitable plans is to divide up the lodging cost, making individuals responsible for their meal and tour costs.
4. Make sure each person’s #1 wish comes true, whether it’s diving the Barrier Reef, nature tours or soaking up culture. Split up often enough to make that happen.
5. If friction arises, practice the Zen of flexibility and compromise.
6. Make certain everyone gets personal time to recharge. A little alone time can do more to energize a group than you may imagine!

Don’t wait to plan your group travel!

Black Orchid Villa was designed for groups, which is why our accommodations book so quickly. Our spacious villas offer a spacious living area and some of them are in close proximity to the resort’s swimming pool.

Save money by taking turns preparing breakfast for everyone in the group using the fully-equipped kitchen in some of our villas and enjoy a variety of on-site amenities guaranteed make everyone happy. Share the villa’s Wi-Fi hookup to communicate. Did we mention seasonal rates that can leave everyone in your party with extra cash in their wallets?

Have you figured out what happens when your group comes to Belize and stays at the Black Orchid Resort? You’ll get closer than you ever imagined, based on the respect and space you allow each member of your party and you’ll create a bond that can last a lifetime. And you wouldn’t be the first group to re-book a year down the road after your successful group experience at the resort designed to treat everyone like celebs.