Get ready to pledge your love in a lush, romantic setting where you’ll be surrounded by tropical birds, sumptuous cuisines, and warm sea breezes. Getting married in Belize is not just an amazing experience, it’s also easy and breezy to do.

Making your wedding arrangements in a Caribbean paradise will be a piece of cake in Belize. English is the official language of the country and this makes wedding planning easy, because you won’t have a language barrier to contend with when you’re getting your legal documents and making plans.

Nature surrounds you here. Belize has some of the highest concentrations of land that is protected by a preserve, sanctuary or nature reserve. Our natural residents include exotic and aquatic birds, gentle sea mammals and gorgeous native wildlife. Orchids, hibiscus and lotuses are among the flowering plants of Belize. If you’re a nature lover, your Belize wedding will be pure bliss.

It’s fast and simple to get married in Belize. You only need three days of residency to get married here. Spend a few days getting to know our beautiful country and our warm, friendly people before tying the knot. Resorts that have wedding packages can often arrange all of the necessary paperwork and even officiants for you.

Belize might feel like a far-off tropical paradise, but it’s surprisingly close and easy to get to. Daily flights depart from every major North American city to Belize. From most locations, it’s faster to fly into Belize than into other Caribbean locations. The currency is also easy to understand and Belizeans are very welcoming to North American visitors.

Best of all, Belize abounds in settings that are perfect for a wedding. Set your ceremony against the breathtaking backdrop of a Maya temple, a flower-filled garden or a jungle waterfall. Exchange your vows on our white sand beaches. Tie the knot while zip-lining through the rainforest or hiking an underwater cave. In Belize, all of your wedding fantasies can come true.

Book With the Belize Wedding Experts

The easiest way to arrange the perfect Belize wedding is with the experts at the Black Orchid Resort. This award-winning resort is located just a few miles from the Belize airport, but it feels like it’s far away in a deep, lush jungle setting. Black Orchid’s wedding package includes professional wedding planners, all paperwork and officiating, and your choice of settings. Contact the resort and start planning the wedding of your dreams.