The balmy tropical weather of Belize makes it the ideal place to kick back and enjoy a cold beer. While it is true that a fair number of imported beers can be purchased in most places, no trip to Belize is complete without trying some of its domestic fare.

Belize City-based Belikin Beer is the country’s only domestic brewery and bears Altun Ha’s Temple of the Masonry Altars on its logo. Even the brand name, Belikin is derived from the Maya name for the Belize River which serves as the brewery’s water supply. The company motto of “Onli Eena Belize” is Creole for “Only in Belize;” this company has been ardently proud of its Belizean pedigree since it was founded in 1969.

Belikin products include the following items.

  • Belikin Beer. A classic European-style lager containing 4.8& alcohol by volume (ABV). Any respectable Belizean resort will carry this drink due to its popularity with visitors to the country.
  • Belikin Stout. A rich, velvety head finished with a smoky-yet-savory flavor. This stout is made from German hops and domestic cane sugar.
  • Belikin Light. A pale golden lager with 3.8& ABV.
  • Belikin Premium. This uses two types of European hops and three varieties of Canadian malt.
  • Guinness Stout. Belikin is authorized to offer this Irish classic but puts its own spin on the recipe, containing more ABV than the European recipe.
  • Chocolate Stout. This seasonal offering is inspired by the chocolate drink imbibed by the ancient Maya. This drink’s creamy chocolate finish is the perfect way to end a rich meal.
  • Sorrel Stout. Another seasonal offering, this drink is full-bodied, incorporating the lemony tartness of sorrel with a traditional German recipe.
  • Lighthouse Lager. This offering is similar to a Canadian Pilsner, offering a light, refreshing flavor and 4.2% ABV.

It is important to mention that Belikin does not hold a monopoly on all beer sold in Belize. Interest in craft brewing has recently surged and you can find a variety of niche blends for sale within local pubs and stores.

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