Anyone who has ever been to Belize can probably give you 100 reasons to visit this fabulous country, but, in this article, we’ll have to restrict ourselves to just 10 reasons why you should definitely back your bags and head to one of the loveliest places on Earth.

1 – Flights

All of the major airlines, including Delta, American, United, and Southwest have non-stop flights from the United States to Belize.

2 – The Resorts

Imagine relaxing at a resort just steps away from a gorgeous river in a lovely jungle setting after a fun day of exciting adventures. The Black Orchid Resort is an oasis of tranquility and comfort located just a short 15-minute drive from the international airport in Belize City, conveniently close to all of the top attractions in the country.

3 – The Belize Blue Hole

Rated by famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau as one of his Top 10 favorite diving spots in the world, the Belize Blue Hole is a gorgeous sapphire naturally circular body of water off the coast that leads to a breathtakingly beautiful series of underwater caverns.

4 – Escape the Maddening Crowds

Belize is one of the hottest visitor destinations in the region, but there’s plenty of room for everyone in a country the size of Massachusetts that has more than a third of its territory set aside as protected parks and nature reserves.


5 – Snorkeling in Hol Chan

Thousands of pristine acres of the Belize Barrier Reef just offshore of Ambergris Caye is set aside for the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a location perfect for snorkeling as it is home to seagrass beds, manta rays, sea turtles, fish, and nurse sharks.

6 – The Weather

You’ll never need a scarf or gloves in Belize as the country’s sub-tropical climate guarantees year-round daytime highs in the 80s and nights that never get colder than 70F, with plenty of sunshine and fresh tropical breezes.

7 – Fishing

Whether you prefer to strap on your waders and enjoy fishing from the shoreline or to head out into deep waters for big game fish, the thriving natural eco-system of Belize’s rivers, estuaries, and offshore islands are an angler’s paradise.


8 – Maya Ruins

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Maya erected enormous pyramids, palaces, and cities in the jungle. Today, visitors can explore these ancient architectural marvels while learning about the region’s unique history.

9 – Belize is for Honeymooners

There’s no better place to celebrate your nuptials than with a honeymoon vacation package in Belize. Black Orchid has complete honeymoon packages that include lodging, exciting activities, and even a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars.

10 – The Food

Nobody ever returns from Belize hungry. Whether you want to feast on fresh-caught seafood or sample some of the wide range of local cuisines, including Mexican, Chinese, Indian, European, and Caribbean-influenced dishes, there’s something on the menu in Belize to suit every palate.

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