Don’t wait until summer to make your vacation plans. Here are 10 great reasons to take an October vacation to Belize.

1. The Weather Is Warm

In some parts of the U.S. and Canada, it’s already winter by the time October arrives. Escape the gray skies and damp, chilly weather by heading to the lush jungles and warm beaches of Belize.

2. Holidays Are a Big Deal in Belize

If you’re a freak for Halloween, you’ll be right at home in Belize. We go all out for every holiday, and Halloween is no exception. Belize has huge parties during Halloween weekend.

3. It’s Conch Season

Enjoy soup, fritters and stews made from this tasty, tender seashell. You’ll find conch delicacies all over Belize during conch season. Fall is also when lobsters are at their peak.


4. Learn Some History

The cooler weather of October is perfect for long outdoor walks. It’s a great time to visit the splendid, stunning Maya ruins of Belize. Climb a Maya pyramid and take in the impressive view.

5. Festivals Bring the Fun

Belize never lets a month go by without at least two festivals. In October, celebrate Pan American Day with parties, parades and games. October is also when Belize hosts the World Indigenous Music Festival.

6. Never Miss a Game

Don’t worry about missing your favorite sports teams. Most bars and hotels in Belize get American sports channels. Enjoy a cold Bellikin or a glass of cashew wine while you cheer on your favorites.

7. The Crowds Are Small

Fall is part of the slow season in Belize. You won’t be fighting crowds on the beach, at the bars or on your outings. This leads us to reason number eight.

8. The Deals Are Huge

The slow crowds mean you’ll get amazing deals on airfare, lodging and tours. Stay at the gorgeous, Black Orchid Resort where you’ll enjoy riverfront views, great food and outstanding excursions, all at discounted rates.

belize birds

9. Birds Flock to Belize

Belize is always a premier destination for bird watchers. In October, many birds stop over in Belize while they’re migrating south. You’ll see herons, roseate spoonbills, egrets and other beautiful species gathering everywhere.

10. Enjoy Everything at Black Orchid Resort

October is the perfect time to experience everything Belize has to offer. Black Orchid Resort makes it easy to plan your perfect October escape. Contact us today to get started.